Home » Bravely Second: End Layer – Video Review | Pinakabagong balita tungkol sa bravely second: end layer

Bravely Second: End Layer – Video Review | Pinakabagong balita tungkol sa bravely second: end layer

Bravely Second: End Layer – Video Review | Pangkalahatang balita sa araw-araw

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Bravely Second: End Layer – Video Review at mga kaugnay na larawan bravely second: end layer

Bravely Second: End Layer - Video Review

Bravely Second: End Layer – Video Review

bravely second: end layer at nauugnay na impormasyon

Ang Bravely Second ay isang kamangha-manghang follow-up sa hit ng JRPG? O mas mabuti kang kalimutan ang pantasya na ito? Alamin sa aming malalim na pagsusuri! TANDAAN: Naglalaman ang pagsusuri na ito ng mga menor de edad na spoiler para sa Prologue at unang kabanata, na maaaring masira ang ilang mga bagay tungkol sa hinalinhan nito, Bravely Default. • Suportahan kami sa Patreon: … Facebook: … Twitter: … Instagram: … Google+:.

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Bravely Second: End Layer – Video Review.

bravely second: end layer.

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44 thoughts on “Bravely Second: End Layer – Video Review | Pinakabagong balita tungkol sa bravely second: end layer”

  1. People often complain that managing equipment and abilities manually is a bitch, but I absolutely LOVE the feeling I get when a boss or area is kicking my ass, then spend twenty minutes in the menu, and come back and CRUSH everything in my path. The more obtuse a games menu is, the more I love it.

  2. The encounter rate in this game is predetermined by steps you've taken, in other words it is fixed, that kinda take away the fun because of the fact that battle encounters are too predictable

  3. Bravely Default's repetitiveness with reactivating the crystals time and time again in each world makes me not want to play through it again. Are there any such issues with Bravely Second?

  4. Can someone explain how the hell is bravely second better than bravely default??? Bravely second felt like I was playing bravely default all over again with nothing new with a bad story

  5. I know I'm late to this comment section but let me just say that I really, really love the Bravely series at its core. I just wish the bosses in BS weren't so damn silly. I get everything doesn't have to be super melodramatic but between pop stars and pastry chefs it just took me out of the game until the ending came around. But I really do love the combat in these games and cannot describe how excited I am for Octopath Traveler. Just my two cents.

  6. Dope ass review! After watching this video, and Pro J's vid on the first one, i'm have such a crush on these games. (♥.♥) These are going to be the first Final Fantasy games I've ever played!

  7. Great review as always!!! I really liked the demo for Project Ocopath Traveler and I heard this is the same creator of this game.So I think I am most likely going to pick this game up and Project Ocopath Traveler when that comes out,just saying.

  8. I played default and second in one go, the characters are loveable in both games (i like even the bad guys), the music from the first game is the best, the art is awesome….I hope to see a bravely Third in the switch and…. (SPOILER) a good fairy at least once…. (SPOILER)

  9. I got this game as a present from my mother (which I am super grateful for because it's an amazing game!) but I had just vaguely heard of Bravely Default, so i basically started with the 2nd game fml

    And my fave job is wizard. I made Edea and Magnolia wizards because I think they are pretty practical (I can literally hear all of the nerds cringing to death, but I'm a casual player so… go on)

  10. I liked Bravely Default, but holy shit was Bravely Second an amazing game. The story was better (I wish they didn't do what they did at the end of the first game though) the jobs in this game are beyond creative, the boss fights are amazing (barring over or two), and I adore these characters and villains. Also, I though Kaiser Oblivion made for a great villain (he's also voiced by Cam Clarke). My only issue is that the game felt a bit on the short side, but I'm glad that there's very little padding.

  11. did the reviewer actually finish the game? cause the kaiser is NOT the last boss not even close, more like 2/3 of the way boss.
    the story was fantastic and I loved all the characters especially after you find out their true story.
    this was easily one of the best rpg's of the past decade 10/10 an absolutely must play game

  12. I just finished the game and IMO you did a good job in the review and I agree on almost everything. I personally love this game and I think it is better than BD (which I love except for the grinding chapters)

  13. Ive never played this or the first. Which is better? Will I be able to follow the story of second without needing to know what happened in default?

  14. Why did they keep norende?
    I don't want my special moves gated behind mobile app bar fill waiting game bullshit that forces going online into my singleplayer game.
    I don't want to keep my 3ds in standby mode.
    I want to close the game when I'm done playing and not feel like I "waste time" not micromanaging the time bars. Fucks sake.

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